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Link Gumbo 3/26/10

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LSU All-Access, Baseball v Arkansas Series

Rosters fro the spring game have been drafted and will be released later this morning. Remember this is the last day to get free tickets by bringing the coupon to the AD's ticket office. I've posted it again after the break. Also after the break, Billy Gonzales and Frank Wilson were the guests on Tiger Talk this month.

CLM took a few questions about the violations after practice yesterday. He believes LSU gained "no competitive advantage." And as the Times-Pic points out, it could take the NCAA over a year to make a ruling on this.

Baseball left for Tenn. yesterday. Ranaudo starts Sunday and is feeling "awesome."  The TV schedule is a little weird this weekend. For those on Comcast in the southeast, Friday's game will be carried on CSS, but in Louisiana it will be carried on COX 4, the local access channel, and only in the BR, NO, and LAF markets. Saturday's game is on FSN where available, no tv on Sunday.

Softball continues to dominate, now at 23 straight wins after beating SELA in a 11-0 shutout last night. They have the weekend off.

GYM is at the SEC Championship this weekend.

As part of the Spring Game activities, T&F's first outdoor event is all-day tomorrow at Bernie Moore.

Remember that story earlier this month about LSU opening a brewery? It was all over the place yesterday. Most people think it will add to the atmosphere, and the Reb's are jealous, so you know this is a great idea. Some great suggestions for brew names on twitter as well.

Tiger Talk 3/24