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The Death Of Toonces-How You Can Help


May you never darken our door again...

Many longtime Tiger fans have bemoaned one of the worst hangovers of the Dinardo tenure, the Toonces logo. Let's face facts: it's horrible, ugly, too busy, and looks like every other logo that got redesigned in the 90's (i.e. mascot leaping/charging out of a vortex of doom over/behind the school name.) But worst of all, it turned Mike from the Insane Badass Jungle King of the SEC...


Into some sort of kids cartoon character...


I do not support the statement made in the previous image

Slowly over time, Toonces began to replace the old marks when ever there was a renovation and it nearly happened in Death Valley.


it's not the only thing missing from the real scoreboard...

But it didn't. And based on the few times i have been there, the New Alex Box is mostly devoid of the hated scourge. In fact, it would seem for the past few years LSU is trying to get away from Toonces, most noticably with the current "beheaded" state of the official logo.


One of the most egregious examples of Toonces ruining a pefectly good thing is the Louisiana LSU Car Plates, which went from Badass...



to just bad


Well now we can do something to fix it. LSU is in the process of redesigning the Louisiana Plate and has put a few finalists up for a vote.


There are only 3 plates here, the others are just a bad dream

Is the "Eye of the Tiger" better than Insane-O Mike? No. Of course not. But it is better than Toonces. An that means its worth fighting for. CLICK HERE to go to the voting page. They recommend you come back and vote once a day and that is exactly what you should do. Not something nefarious, like refreshing the page 1000 time a day to stuff the ballot against the Toonces Plates. No we would never recommend you do that.

By the way, I'm partial to E myself.