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Link Gumbo 3/4/10

Spring Practice Day 1 Interview. There is no tape available of yesterday's post-practice interview but EDSBS has gotten their hands on a transcript (Much like the ubiquitous corn dog, I don't really understand the taffy jokes either).

Camp continues this week (they're in full pads today). Biggest revelation so far came from R Shepard, who admitted that it was his decision to move to WR, something that has apparently been in the works since the Florida game. All of our thoughts about Gonzales molding Sheppard like he did with Percy Harvin at Florida are right on the money. Kleinpeter at the Times-Pic says Jefferson is looking "more assertive and moves around with the confidence of a veteran".

The NFL Combine is now over. 12 Tiger's participated this year, more than any other school.

Things are getting a little stranger for all those hoping to be new season ticket holders. Starting this season, Tradition Fund "Donations"(a required payment of a few $$$ per season ticket on top of the cost of the tickets) will no longer count towards the priority point system. The biggest impact of all this is on those folks with season tickets who were using their required Tradition Fund payment as a way of adding to their point total. Now they can only add to their total the same way the rest of us do, straight up donations to the University. Also, the practice of holding season tickets in other sports for the purpose of just paying Tradition Fund and upping your point total is now worthless.

After a long break for everybody, there's a full docket of LSU games today. Baseball starts the Pepperdine/Brown 4 game series at 6:30 this afternoon against the Waves. While Brown is an Ivy League team beginning their season with a month-long southern road trip, Pepperdine is one of those great west coast teams that will make a run in the Regionals every few years. As Posuer said yesterday, Ranaudo will not be pitching this weekend. Also, Gibbs has been short-listed for the Johnny Bench (Best Catcher) Award.

Basketball is at the Ole Miss Fightin' Calamari tonight, who are trying desperately to stay in NCAA consideration. It'd be nice to ruin their season. Garret Temple continues his trip into the NBA, securing another 10-day contract, this time with the Sacramento Kings.