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And now onto baseball: LSU 8, Pepperdine 1

This feels a lot better than basketball, doesn't it?  LSU remains undefeated in baseball thanks to some strong pitching.

Chris Matulis earned the win, going 5 innings and giving up one run.  I can't say it was a shutdown performance- the lefty gave up 6 walks to go with his 4 hits- but he certainly got the job done, and I have a feeling he'll be in contention to get some weekend action.

Daniel Bradshaw added three shutout innings, the first of which he got out of a bases-loaded no-outs jam scratch-free.  Impressive indeed, and much better than the Bradshaw we have seen earlier.  If he keeps pitching like this, he'll be extremely valuable as a reliever.

Ben Alsup got an inning with a seven-run lead to help lower his sky-high ERA (remember, if you see an ERA that's ridiculously high or ridiculously low, remember that that's how it is at the beginning of the season).

Poseur's favorite, Tyler Hanover, went 3 for 4 and scored two runs.  Micah Gibbs and Matt Gaudet each added strong 2-4 performances.  Gaudet had 3 RBI on the day, and his impressive early season continues.

We made some errors out there, the most notable of which was Wet Delatte slipping and falling while trying to grab a bunt.  These are early-season wrinkles the Tigers need to iron out.

So yeah.  LSU baseball remains great.  This was actually the first game I attended this season, and I can tell you that the right field bleachers look fine and are perfect for heckling opposing right fielders.  And the intimidator looks awesome, too.