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Taz led LSU scoring with 20 points, but this was a team effort.  Bo Spencer was 3 for 12 from the field, but he was accurate when it counted.  With 19 seconds left, Bo Spencer sank a long two to give LSU a 50-48 edge that would be the final score.

Let us all sing the praises of Gingerbeast.  2 points and 3 rebounds doesn't give Eddie Ludwig's performance justice.  Ludwig pestered the Bulldogs to no end, keeping the Bulldogs out of rhythm and grabbing a whopping four steals (phenomenal for a big man).  Perhaps his biggest play was keeping the possession alive by saving the ball after a bad Taz shot, flinging out to Populist, who sank a HUGE three.

There is still that tasty chance for LSU to win the SEC tournament and earn a shocking bid to the dance, but it is literally win or go home from here, and our first game is against a very good Tennessee team.  But if we play like we did tonight, who knows?  I challenge the Tigers to do something special.

Let's hear that Katamari song again.  It's the sound of energetic joy, which is what I'm feeling right now.

We Love Katamari - Katamari On the Swing (via clementsongs)