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Link Gumbo 3/9/10


If you weren't worried about Ranaudo before, It may be time to get concerned. After only an afternoon of pitching, Mainieri had decided to pull him from the rotation for another week. That means heading into SEC play, his only warm up this season was the 5 innings against Centenary in the opener. Of more immediate concern is who will start Sunday after a long week that will surely deplete the staff. FR RH Michael Reed will get the start against the Indians Warhawks tonight.

Spring Ball resumes today, and judging by the weather outside my window, it'll probably be indoors again. Laney at the Advoc has an interview with LB Kelvin Sheppard about taking a leadership role on defense.

The story continues to turn on the incident at Fred's on Saturday. While Toliver claims he was trying to break up a fight, BRPD says he was a party to the fight and had to be tasered twice. Miles is waiting till he can get a copy of the police report before taking any disciplinary action. Meanwhile CTJ will not be suspending Harris for his role in the incident, though he mentioned his own concerns that both Harris and Garret Green were out past 1 am when they are both currently trying to recover from some lingering back issues. And I don't know if it's out of context or a backhanded compliment, but this quote is pretty funny.

"A fight?" Johnson said. "You guys have seen Dennis play basketball, haven’t you? Does he look like a guy who’s going to fight anybody?"