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How to Get 2010 CWS Tickets


NOTICE: Don't complain about this being a jinx or being too optimistic or looking too far ahead. These tickets go on sale THIS SATURDAY and will likely sell out in mere hours. Anyone even remotely thinking about going to the last CWS in Rosenblatt needs to plan now. And no, none of this is an April Fools joke.

After doing some planning of my own (yes ATVS will be there in force), the methods of getting CWS tickets this year are vastly different from years past. Talking to fans with many years in Omaha behind them, these changes are not for the better, but since they go on sale in less than 48 hours, nothing to do now but try and hope.

TicketMaster: your new CWS overlords

In years past there were many and varied ways of getting into Rosenblatt. Stories tell of special numbers passed between friends that connect directly to the box office, and long-distance friendships with Omahanians willing to stand in line for hours to buy tickets with someone elses money. Most of that ends now.

Ticketmaster is now in charge of all ticket sales for the CWS, both online, by phone, and in person. I wont go into detail about all the ways TicketMaster has ruined the way we all buy tickets for live events as there are entire websites dedicated to that cause. Just know that it sucks and you are very likely to be disappointed.

None of this affects the old CWS season ticket holders, but as the wait list for that has been closed for many years, it's not even an option to think about. And LSU baseball season ticket holders should contact TAF about buying from the team allotment.

General Admission Books: An Adventure Awaits You

The area least affected by the TicketMaster change is the classic General Admission Book. Sold as a pack of 10 for $70 they will be available online through a link posted on the site on this page starting April 3rd. Because General Admission seats are not guaranteed, they will not sell out. GA book tickets are good for all CWS games including the finals. They are also still availible in person in all the classic CWS locations:

...area service clubs, at all Hy-Vee supermarket customer service counters, Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Qwest Center Omaha, Rosenblatt Stadium and other locations throughout the [Omaha] metro area.

Single GA tickets are sold day of the game for $10 at the Rosenblatt box office (Cash or check only, NO Credit or Debit Cards)

Seen by many as a rite-of-passage or a last ditch effort, A GA ticket usually requires alot of waiting in lines at the CWS. First there is the morning upgrade line, where you may attempt to buy unsold Reserved Seating tickets at-cost minus the $10 you already spent on your GA ticket. As these are usually unsold team allotment tickets, the amount available ranges in the hundreds and gets better or worse as the non-traditional teams with small-traveling fanbases advance in the series. This sale begins at 10am or noon each day of the series depending on the start time of the first game. Plan to arrive early as this line has been know to form well-before dawn in some cases.

If you cannot get an upgrade, you should then (immediately if you are heading for an early game) find the GA wait line for the game you wish to attend and get ready to wait again. Officials will let the exact number of GA seats available in then close the gates until someone leaves. These lines do form hours in advance and choose carefully. If you decide to go to an early game, remember that the stadium is cleared between games and you will be at the back of the line for the next game which has been forming all day. If you fail to get in, Rosenblatt provides a large screen viewing area, or you can try one of the various classic eateries down 13th street and the surrounding neighborhood.

Reserved Seating: Wait in Line at Home with a Good Internet Connection

NOTE: The Following applies to CSW Series games only, NOT THE CWS FINALS

There are approximately 1,000 single game reserve tickets availible for sale to the public for each game. These tickets will go on sale at 10am CST this Saturday, April 3rd both online and at select TicketMaster locations in the Mid-west including the Rosenblatt box office. You are limited to buying four games and six tickets per game, per person (that also means per credit card. If you and your friend, parent, or spouse want to double up to go to eight games, you will each need to charge it to a separate card)

As someone who has had to sit in a TicketMaster line for a concert in the past, I highly recommend you skip the line, even if you live a block from Rosenblatt. All participating TicketMaster locations will follow the standard lottery draw system.

The random selection process will take place at approximately 9:30 a.m. to determine the first person in line to buy tickets when sales officially open at 10 a.m. Buying order will follow sequentially from the initial number drawn.

It doesn't matter how early you get there, only if you were lucky enough to be close to, and behind, whatever number is drawn. Given how long this process takes, and the fact that you will be competing against all the online buyers who are all first in their own lines, skip it and find a computer. I highly recommend you setup a account now with your credit card so that you will not have to waste time doing that Saturday morning, especially if you want to get tickets to more than one game.

***CWS Finals: Leave Game 12 Early***

In a departure from years past, tickets for the final 2 games of the CWS WILL NOT BE SOLD ON APRIL 3RD. Instead they will be sold online at 30 MINUTES after the end of the last game before it. This means after Game 12 on Friday night, after Game 13 Saturday afternoon, or after Game 14 Saturday night. These tickets will only be sold online so if you plan to go to the entire series or the last few games, have someway to get to a computer after the game. Any remaining tickets for both games will be sold Monday at noon at the Rosenblatt box office. To say you should arrive early for this line is an understatement. Should the CWS final go to a Game 3, the process repeats following Game 2.


Source: The NCAA CWS Web Page

and the Advanced Ticket Sales News Release [WARNING: PDF Link]