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Link Gumbo 4/12/10

H/T @ChadPotier

Vote for the CWS Legends team here and vote on the new license plates here. IT IS YOUR DUTY.

You know what kind of weekend it was when I start the day with hockey. Baseball lost it's 1st SEC series in nearly a year, and for the first time at Auburn since 1998. Ott threw only one pitch all weekend, which was a 9th inning bunt with the bases loaded that brought home the series-winning run for Auburn. Mainieri didn't like some of his own decision making in the final game. The loss drops us under Arkansas for 2nd place in the West, 3rd overall in the SEC and we'll likely take a significant hit in the rankings. More on this series later today.

Spring Break is over, which means the Rev is back in print. Their interview with the team captain Sean LeNeave shows a complete lack of confidence in swimming and diving coach Adam Schmitt was the reason for his resignation last week. Fifth-year assistant coach David Geyer is the front runner to replace him.

After a tough road trip, Softball came home and swept Moo U, with dominating wins on Saturday and Sunday. Fico had another complete game with 1 earned run on 4 hits. She is 12-4 for the season

GYM's second place score of 196.400 at the Penn State Regional was enough to guarantee a spot in the NCAA semifinal round.

David toms finished The Masters in 14th place with a 2-under, making him an automatic invite for next year.