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Link Gumbo 4/14/10-TUCK FULANE!




Yes Indeed Tiger Fans, Today is one of those glorious days when we get to pummel the only team who we have always and will always harbor a completely irrational grudge against. Treasure it, as there will be less of them in the future.

Vote for the CWS Legends team here and today is the last day to vote on the new license plates here. Apparently one plate is leading by 4%. God help me if it's a Toonces plate.

Mainieri continues to second guess his decision to keep Ross in in last weekends series loss and was disappointed that we only got 1 home run for the series in the hitter-friendly Plainsman Park.

The annual Track and Field Alumni Gold Meet is at Bernie Moore this weekend. Nearly 20 college teams are competing along with about a dozen professional alumni, including Xavier Carter, Richard Thompson, and ATVS secret crush Lolo Jones (who is throwing out the 1st pitch tonight). Coach Shaver is talking up a relay team featuring Carter, Thompson, and Trindon Holiday.

GYM will enter the NCAA Semifinals as the 9 seed, which puts them in the opening session against UCLA, Oklahoma, Utah, Oregon State and Nebraska. The top 3 teams from this session will advance to the Super Six Finals.

The Advoc reports that 6-11 255 lbs. Iowa State center SP Justin Hamilton (6.4 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.1 block average in 31 starts last season) is transferring to LSU. Reportedly it was last years transfer sit-out Malcolm White who convinced him it was the right move. This does put us at 14 scholarships next year, one over the NCAA limit, which means someone is getting cut.

Softball is on the road against the Commies tonight. Remember Ladies, this one is for AMERICA!

OG and DT Larry Kahlden, one of the 3 captains of the '58 championship team, passed away this weekend. He was 73.