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The Official Tulane Mascot: Sad Greenie

When last we saw the Greenies: two words, RUN RULED


In the grand scheme of things, this series certainly doesn't have the hallmark it used to. Tulane isn't quite the powerhouse they were a few years ago, for obvious reasons. Unranked and in a 4-way tie for second in the CUSA, they'll probably make regional this year. This is still a very important game as far as our OOC schedule goes and if you don't get a thrill out of beating tulame, especially in baseball, you may want to rethink being an LSU fan.

A few offensive Greenies to look out for are 3B clean-up Rob Segedin (.409 BA, 52 hits and 30 RBI's), who leads the nation with 20 doubles, and lead-off RF Brandon Boudreaux (.375 BA, 21 hits and 12 RBI's) who is riding a 14 game hit streak. The Dead Pelicans will most certainly be bringing in their Ace later tonight in Nick Pepitone (5 wins, 4 saves, ERA 1.96, BAA .143 in 17 appearances)

Since the away part of this series moves back to the New Turchin FieldTurf dirt (yes, their field has no dirt except the mound) this year, it's even more important to get'em tonight.

Weather: Temps starting to climb as spring quickly slips away, also starting to get the daily cloud banks, but not enough for rain, yet. No worries tonight.

No TV.

LSU - So. RHP Joey Bourgeois (3-1, 5.59 ERA, 37.0 IP, 22 BB, 27 SO)
TU - Fr. RHP Alex Byo (1-0, 5.94 ERA, 16.2 IP, 9 BB, 14 SO)