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NFL Draft Day 3.

Perry Riley became the first LSU linebacker drafted since Bradie James in 2002 when the Redskins chose him with the fifth pick of the 4th round (103rd overall).

Al Woods will stay in Louisiana and play DT for the Saints.  He was taken with the 25th pick of the 4th round (123rd overall).

Trindon Holliday was picked in the sixth round (28th pick, 197th overall) by the Houston Texans.  Three picks later, Charles Scott became an Eagle.

After the draft was over and undrafted free agency began, Charles Alexander got signed by the Eagles, Chris Hawkins got signed by the Jaguars, the Steelers picked up Ciron Black, and Harry Coleman became a Saint.  Former LSU QB Ryan Perrilloux was signed by the Vikings.  I got the info from here, and I'll try to stay updated.

In other news, JaMarcus Russell will almost certainly be cut by the Raiders since they traded for Jason Campbell for the Redskins.  If JaMarcus was to return, the Raiders would have to pay him 9.45 million.