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Link Gumbo 4/29/10

You can find the oddest things on Youtube (Pause at the very beginning for a surprising sight)

CPM has canceled a South Florida recruiting trip to try and help the team regain some confidence before this weekends series against UF. Don't fret though, we've already signed Nola's younger brother.

Speaking of recruiting, the defensive staff is on the road this week, first stopping in Covington to see Mickey Johnson, a projected 4-star DT at St. Paul’s. CLM is on a trip of a different sort this week for the annual go-around of the booster clubs and breaking down game film with the TAF elite. Also, Al Woods is living the Louisiana football dream.

HUGE weekend for Softball starts tonight as they start a home series against UGA. Tonight's game will be LIVE and in PRIMETIME with a 7pm start on ESPN (that's Original Recipe ESPN) If you watch one softball game this year, now is the time.

The Rev has a good interview with incoming basketball transfer Justin Hamilton, who originally left Iowa State to get closer to home in Utah, but somehow ended up here.

Meanwhile, Joni Crenshaw joins the Women's basketball staff as an assistant, and Andrea Kelly's recovery from ACL surgery is going well.

There was a great piece in The Advoc yesterday about Todd Foster's work in turning BRCC into a basketball talent feeder system for LA colleges. You have to believe LSU has a distinct advantage to get some of these kids.

Thanks to the fantastic Penn Relays performance, the Women's T&F squad is now ranked #1.

Finally, If you are gonna put LSU on the side of a building, it better be 20 feet high and made from insulation panels.