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GAMETHREAD: @ Florida (3GMS)

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It's time to right the ship. We have got to get out of this funk and soon if we want to get back into SR hosting contention. Taking a series at RPI #1 UF will go a very long way towards that goal. And this wont be any easier than the Rebs last weekend.

The Gators have a great pitching staff, with starters who all have an ERA of 3.65 or better and an ace closer in Kevin Chapman (1.59 ERA, 7 saves). They play the best defense in the league. Watch for Daniel Pigott and Austin Maddox at the plate. Interesting that CPM has not given a Saturday or Sunday starter. Is it a motivational tool to get the battery going again or does Mainieri have something more serious in store?

TV is again all over the place, but all 3 will be carried. Note that if you have a schedule from early in the year, tonight's game has been moved back an hour to accommodate a hellacious parking problem due to UF's Commencement tonight.

Weather: Might get a rain out tonight, typical afternoon showers on Saturday possible, clear on Sunday. In case of a wash out, look for a DH on Sunday.


LIGHTINING POSTPONMENT-GM2 as planned, GM1 resumes after that

Game 1-7pm-CSS,(COX 4 in BR, NO, and LAF areas)
LSU - Jr. RHP Anthony Ranaudo (2-1, 6.35 ERA, 22.2 IP, 11 BB, 24 SO)
UF - So. LHP Alex Panteliodis (6-2, 3.18 ERA, 56.2 IP, 10 BB, 45 SO)

Game 2-1pm-ESPNU
UF - Fr. RHP Hudson Randall (4-3, 3.65 ERA, 49.1 IP, 14 BB, 34 SO)

Game 3-Noon-ESPN
UF - Fr. LHP Brian Johnson (3-2, 2.91 ERA, 43. 1 IP, 9 BB, 31 SO)