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Link Gumbo 4/5/10


Vote for the CWS Legends team here and vote on the new license plates here.

A very nice weekend at the box has only answered one question and possibly given us a few more. The good news is that Ranaudo looked fine in his first Friday start back from injury. However Friday gave us a much bigger problem in the form of a collision between Nola and Watkins in the left field bullpen that dislocated Watkins' left elbow and will sideline him for most of April. Plugging in Mahtook at the Lead-off spot worked fine, particularly on Sunday, and Dishon was alright in LF. The lineup will likely see some more tweaks over the next few days as CPM tries to balance for the loss of Watkins and his stellar OBP (including the 12 times he's been HBP this year). We are still looking for a 3rd Baseman as CPM stated after the game Sunday that he will continue to experiment at the position until someone sticks. And despite the big win on Saturday, the Dawgs' hopes came crashing back to earth on Sunday. But don't let their record fool ya, it's a damn good team, if only they had a competent Pitching staff. (And I'd like to personally thank UGA coach David Perno and his 2 6+ pitcher games which both lasted more than 3 hours. Way to stretch that time, David!)

Tasmin Mitchell was named to the All-Louisiana team, and Allison Hightower was voted Louisiana Player of the Year for the second year in a row.

12th-ranked Softball's 24 game winning streak came to an abrupt end with a 3 game sweep at #6 Florida this weekend in front of a record crowd for that stadium. Tiger pitching was the victim on Sunday in the 1-7 loss, ending Fico's 10 game streak as well. It won't get any easier as the Lady Tigers next face #8 Bama in a Doubleheader on the road this Wednesday.