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LSU Baseball 2010 Roster Mixtape

As officially compiled by, in current line-up order as of Sunday, April 4th. It's a good mix of modern Hip-Hop, 80's Pop, and Classic Rock (I swear the pitchers are just messing with us. Late 90's Club Techno, really Ranaudo?) Lots of pretty women in skimpy outfits and words you don't say in church, so get some headphones or watch'em at home.


RF 8 Mikie Mahtook Tricky, Run DMC

2B 11 Tyler Hanover, All I Do Is Win, DJ Khaled


1B 34 Blake Dean, Fireman, Lil' Wayne


C 33 Micah Gibbs, Pflugerville, Kings of the Motel 6 (I swear it's the only video I could find, must be some bar band from Pflugerville, Micah's hometown.)


DH 35 Matt Gaudet, I Got It, Gorilla Zoe


CF 6 Leon Landry, On to the Next One, Jay-Z


SS 36 Austin Nola, Your Love, Outfield

3rd Base Rotation

7 Grant Dozar, Nothing But a Good Time, Poison


9 Wet Delatte, All The Way Turnt Up, Travis Porter


27 Beau Didier, Take Me Home Tonight, Eddie Money


LF 21 Johnny Dishon, Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry


The Bullpen

10 Shane Riedie, Moment of Clarity, Jay-Z



12 Austin Ross, Hells Bells, AC/DC


18 Michael Reed, Tops Drop, Fat Pat


22 Matty Ott, It's a Long Way to the Top, AC/DC


23 Anthony Ranaudo, Run Away, Real McCoy


24 Daniel Bradshaw, I Disappear, Metallica


25 Joey Bourgeois, Born on the Bayou, Creedence Clearwater Revival


28 Forrest Garrett, Number One Spot, Ludacris


29 Jordan Rittiner, Boom Shak a Lak, Apache Indian


30 Chris Matulis, Sandstorm, DaRude


44 Paul Bertuccini, Call On Me, Eric Prydz


45 Mitch Mormann, Wanted Dead or Alive, Bon Jovi


47 Ben Alsup, Best Rapper Alive, Lil' Wayne


58 Chris Cotton, Cotton Eyed Joe, Rednex


32 Zach LaSuzzo, None Given

The Subs

LF (on IR for April) 3 Trey Watkins, Franky, Paper Chaserz


5 Mason Katz, Pop It 4 Pimp, Bun B


PR 16 Matt Fury, My Time, Fabolous


13 Alex Edward, These Are My People, Rodney Atkins


38 Kyle Koeneman, Hero, Skillet


17 Mike Lowery, None Given