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Mahtook Hits For the Cycle

Midweek games are fairly meaningless from a win-loss standpoint.  LSU is going to win most of them, tinker with the lineup, give some pitchers some work, and worry more about process than results.

Except when Mikie Mahtook hits for the cycle. LSU crushed Alcorn 17-5, Koeneman (1-2 with a triple!) debuted at third base, and Alsup dropped his ERA to below double digits.  But those things aren't really stories until it translates into weekend wins. 

But hitting for the cycle is always cool.  Aaron Hill was the last Tiger to hit for the cycle, back in 2003.  Hitting for the cycle is a statistical fluke, but come on, it's a fun statistical fluke.  And baseball is supposed to be fun.   Mahtook adds another piece to his growing legend.