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Link Gumbo 4/9/2010


Baseball is on the road at Auburn this weekend, and Rosetta at The Advoc reports we could see Katz tried out at 3rd base. More on this series later today.

Allison Hightower was drafted 15th overall in the second round by Connecticut. The Ladies were ranked 25th in the final coaches poll of the season.

GYM is at the Penn State regional this weekend, competing for a spot in the NCAA championship round.

Softball's slump continues as they lost both games in the double header with Bama on Wednesday. While the toughest part of the season is now over, it isn't very encouraging that they have lost every game against a ranked opponent this year. They will be home this weekend for 3 games against Moo U.

David Toms shot a 3-under in the opening round of The Masters yesterday, which puts him tied for 12th and only 3 behind the leader.