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Kinda better, but it's missing some mascots

Finally, an SEC road series against a conscious opponent! Auburn may be the best team in the SEC offensively, leading the league with 383 hits, 49 home runs, and 254 RBIs.  Add to that the full return of Jr. CF Trent Mummey and AU may have more quality hitters than they know what to do with.

From Track'em Tigers:

If he's fully healthy, then he [Mummey] will slot in CF with Justin Fradejas and Brian Fletcher flanking Mummey in the OF. That leaves Tony Caldwell and Creede Simpson, two of Auburn's best hitters, without a place. One scenario would be to place TC at DH and let Creede play 3B. Earlier in the season, Simpson was in the running for the Third Base position, so he does have some experience there. However, if you place Caldwell at DH then that bumps Kevin Patterson out of the lineup altogether. For a player who can absolutely crush right handed pitchers, KP needs to play at least Friday and Sunday and he proved that last weekend against Alabama. Pawlowski could move Caldwell to Catcher (where he's played the last two games) but then Auburn would lose the experience of Ryan Jenkins behind the place. Color me curious as to how CJP finalizes his lineup.

It's ACE v ACE tonight as Ranaudo is presumably off of the pitch count and Auburn will be starting their best in Cole Nelson. Winning Saturday will be critical as Auburn starter Grant Dayton will be coming off a 4-game suspension on Sunday for his role in the Bean-ball series with Bama last weekend. Expect a full and rockin' house at Plainsman Park.

TV Friday and Saturday only. Both TV games will also be available on ESPN360 if your ISP supports it. Weather clear and breezy, highs in the 70's all weekend.

Game 1-7pm (CSS, on COX Cable 4 in LAF, BR, and NO)
LSU - Jr. RHP Anthony Ranaudo (0-0, 0.90 ERA, 10.0 IP, 4 BB, 11 SO)
AU - Jr. LHP Cole Nelson (4-1, 3.29 ERA, 41.0 IP, 13 BB, 38 SO)

LSU - So. LHP Chris Matulis (5-0, 2.57 ERA, 28.0 IP, 13 BB, 23 SO)

Game 3-1pm
LSU - So. RHP Joey Bourgeois (3-1, 5.50 ERA, 34.1 IP, 21 BB, 25 SO)
AU - Jr. LHP Grant Dayton (4-1, 4.86 ERA, 37.0 IP, 8 BB, 24 SO)


After the break, last weekends Inside LSU Baseball