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Sad Greenie is sad

Remember the great truth of this world: No matter how bad you feel and no matter how dark the day seems, at least you are not a Tulane fan.

The Greenies are actually worse off than we are when it comes to post season talk. They are one spot out of making the CUSA Tournament and just like us, they get league bottom dweller UCF at the end of the week to help their chances. Not much has changed since the last outing. Nick Pepitone is still a very strong reliever and Rob Segedin is still their best hitter.

In this, the 300th baseball game with Tulane, both teams face a true dilemma. At this point, both clubs are not doing well and have very important conference home series on Thursday that they need all of their best players ready and rested for. While it has little or no bearing on the national stage this time around, this game is a point of pride for both teams. If things get tight in the later innings, how far is each coach willing to go to get the win tonight?

Cox Sports has the game tonight.

Might get a light shower this afternoon, maybe even tonight, but the blasphemous carpet at Turchin should keep things playable.


LSU - Jr. RHP Daniel Bradshaw (5-0, 4.79 ERA, 35.2 IP, 10 BB, 23 SO)
TU - Fr. RHP Kyle McKenzie (1-1, 12.34 ERA, 11.2 IP, 11 BB, 10 SO)