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Miss St. GM1: 14-13 LSU, Quick Recap

Just a few words, work beckons in da mornin'. More like a stream of consciousness here.

Our pitching is still bad, but MSU just didn't care. We went through 6 pitchers trying to find one that could stop the bleeding, Moo U just let Whitney, on probably his last ever start, stay out there as long as he wanted (over 100 pitches through 7 and 12 runs.) Ott is still busted and may now be actually physically hurt. Bourgeois, rittiner, alsup, bertuccini, ott, and ranaudo all used. Ranaudo got the win and showed flashes of brilliance, but it wasn't a great outing. Switch the starters, ranaudo will start saturday. Should be said here that the umps strike zone got smaller and smaller as the night progressed, almost on a pitch-by-pitch basis by the time ott started throwing.

(In postgame, CPM said Ranaudo volunteered to go in when Ott started struggling, about damn time we see some leadership)

MSU proved why they are the worst fielding team in the league. It was laughable at times. As much as i want it to be otherwise, they lost the game by themselves. Hitting seems better, especially the 2 2-run homers by Gaudet. Mahtook still cold, and hitting the wall head-on sure didnt help. Edward got his first dinger, if he could just nail down 3rd it would help so much.

Long game, just shy of 4 hours.

We got help from UGA beating UK. We are all Volunteers tomorrow.