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GAMETHREAD: SEC Tourney Day 1 (UF, 4:30)



EDIT: For the first time anyone can remember, the second session will actually start on time. 4:36 first pitch.

Watching the 1st game now, ZOMBIES in the booth. Haven't seen the pitch clock or inning clock be a factor. In fact, it's the first time all year i've seen them not take a commercial break between the top and bottom of an inning. The game has been on for a hour and it's already bottom of the 5th (it is a 2-1 game though, it might just be moving quick)

We are throwing out Ranaudo against UF's Sunday guy. Last chance for some redemption. CPM says Ott is fine and ready to go. Alsup will be out of the lineup till the weekend (x-ray was negative on his hand, it's just sore)

The entire tourney is also LIVE on, but only if you aren't in the local black out (basically the entire SEC footprint is blacked out)

Weather looks great in Hoover, only a slight chance of spotty summer rain this afternoon.

LSU - Jr. RHP Anthony Ranaudo (3-2, 8.49 ERA, 35.0 IP, 19 BB, 34 SO)

UF - Fr. LHP Brian Johnson (5-3, 3.62 ERA, 59.2 IP, 11 BB, 42 SO)