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Link Gumbo 5/4/10

Last Night's CPM Radio Show


Everybody go vote for Blake Dean.

This slump has hurt us pretty bad in the polls, down to 15 (USA Today), 24 (Baseball America) and out (Collegiate Baseball) Mickles at the Advoc got alot of news out of yesterday's practice: Ranaudo will probably pitch an inning out of the bullpen tonight, a good performance from Ross will get him a start on Sunday, and Watkins will be back in the batting cages for the 1st time later this week. CPM is treating this one as an SEC game, and Ott is the only option that won't be used. Superstitions are rampant in all forms of baseball and LSU will be trying everything from Pope-blessed medals to dousing the bats in Tony Chachere's to get back on track. I hope it works, they are starting to get nervous on 13th Street.

T-Bob Hebert's DUI arrest stemming from him backing into a parked car on the South Frat lot has resulted in an indefinite suspension from Miles. So, who likes P.J. Lonergan? Also, Hotard at the Advoc has an update on Ciron Black's continuing problems of finding a NFL team to play for.

Softball took 2 of 3 from UGA at home, winning in both of the nationally televised games in front of huge-for-softball crowds of 1400+. Kirsten Shortridge got SECPOW honors for her performance this weekend, including 4 steals.