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GAMETHREAD: v. Southeastern; 6:30

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Anybody wanna step up and win this one? CPM is throwing everything we've got out there tonight to get off the skid and we just may need it. SLU (not ranked anymore, but still recieving votes in a few polls) has fallen a bit in the last few weeks, losing a Southland series to TA&M-CC and getting shutout by the greenies. Most of the line up is hitting above .300. Watch for Jeff Harkensee and Justin Boudreaux at the plate and Parkview Baptist's own Josh Janway on the mound.

In late Developments, Cox Sports picked this game up for broadcast last week, expect the usual crew of Rollins, McDonald and Rantz.

Weather is very sunny and warm today with just a light breeze.


LSU - Jr. RHP Austin Ross (3-4, 5.54 ERA , 50.1 IP, 13 BB, 57 SO)
SLU - So. RHP Josh Janway (3-0, 2.08 ERA, 39.0 IP, 9 BB, 37 SO)