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Link Gumbo 5/6/10


Just one win can change everyone's attitude. CPM was his usually cheery self again in post game interviews and we are already back into the hosting discussion. Dean had a career night and moved himself into 4th in HR, tied for 3rd in RBI, 3rd in doubles, and 7th in runs on the All-time LSU lists. Bertuccini is starting to make a name for himself with 8 straight scoreless appearances (though those appearances are usually very short). This weekend's series against a well-rested Vandy with their great pitching staff will do wonders for our Regional hopes and our team confidence in general heading into the home stretch of the SEC.

Susan Jackson's awards keep piling up, now receiving the Honda Sports Award for gymnastics which puts her near the front of the pack for NCAA National Female Athlete of the Year.

FR DE Sam Montgomery has been named to the Sporting News All-Spring Team and Josh Jasper is working on improving his already insane leg strength, saying he wants a shot at a 60-yarder.

The Rev has a great recap of Rachele Fico's freshman season so far: an ERA of 1.09 in 128.2 innings pitched, 17 wins, and 5 saves.

Women's Golf starts NCAA Tournament play today at the West Regional in Palo Alto, CA.