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LSU Wins 4 Hour+, 10 Inning Marathon, 16-15, Radio cuts out in the Bottom of the 9th


An amazing finish last night by LSU in a 16-15 sluggfest was missed by many Tiger fans across the state thanks to 98.1 fm cutting out across most of South Central Louisiana. LSU was quick enough to both make the Geaux Zone streaming free and announce that fact on their facebook page, and I at least was quick enough to catch Gibbs hit one into the corner and see Dean run all the way home, but I doubt most of the LSU fans who stayed up till midnight to hear the end of the thriller got that message. I personally know that 98.1 went out in New Iberia, Broussard, and Cade. If 98.1 cut out on you, comment below so we can get a full picture of the outage.

EDIT: Here's the video of Gibbs' Hit.