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Expansion and Basketball

Expansion expansion expansion.  This is a big deal right now.  Colorado has officially joined the Pac-10.  Nebraska is a signature away from the Big Ten.  The rest are going to scramble to find somewhere to land after the Big XII inevitably sinks.

I have questions about what's going to happen to this year's football schedule.  It seems that they are set, but I'm not sure.  Is there going to be a Big XII title game?  If the Big XII is no longer around to give them money, do they still have to follow their Big XII schedule?

But the basketball schedules are NOT set.  Go to LSU Basketball schedule 2010-11 on, and there's nothing.  That's the same everywhere.  Therefore, there's nothing holding back conference expansion for basketball.

Do not forget that basketball will be a factor when it comes to expansion.  Although Nebraska and Colorado are rather negligible basketball programs, Texas' and Oklahoma's skill on the court makes them even more valuable then they already are, and basketball makes Kansas, K-State and Missouri valuable assets.  Kansas to the SEC?  A silly thought, I know, but Kansas would become an instant rival to Kentucky in prestige, and another big-name program to bring SEC basketball more recognition.

But SEC coaches have already discussed a change in how the conference schedule is organized, and if the SEC expands to add schools (Clemson, Texas A&M, Miami, Florida State), those changes will affect the basketball schedule right away.