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Link Gumbo 6/11/10 - Wake up the Echoes, Todd Kinchen

85 days...

Is it just me or does 1990 look like a very long time ago?

Also, Don't mess with our ball boys, Aggies

Alright, quick recap, because yesterday was plain crazy.

Known Knowns

Colorado is going to the Pac-#

USC got a train dropped on'em, but no vacated wins from '03. EDSBS was there at the critical moment.

Known Unknowns

Nebraska's status remains the same as yesterday, officially denied, but all signs point to an announcement sometime today.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M, through alot of back room work by Gene Stallings and Mike Slive, seem to be very close to joining the SEC by themselves and giving the finger to UT and it's Pac-# plans at the same time. How hilarious would it be if A&M derails not only the Big XII by leaving, but also stalls the Pac-# merger by making Baylor the remaining team that has to be added.

And let me say this to our old friends in College Station. Believe not the overconfident ramblings of Texas fans who are suddenly concerned/insulting you for thinking about joining the SEC, for they are lashing out in their panic. For too long you have been held down, as most of the Big XII has, by the yoke of Longhorn oppression. I say to you cast off that weight and join those who would treat you as equals! (or at least as equal as Arky gets treated, which is to say the refs will still give the game to the favored conference leader, but at least you'll be handsomely compensated for the trouble.) We welcome you and the Dallas/Houston TV markets with open arms/checkbooks.

But then again, I do not speak for us all. So there is a poll below after the break. I ask simply, assuming expansion is going to happen, would you approve of Texas A&M joining the SEC?

In all of yesterday's flurry, there isn't' much LSU news to report. LSU football is being very vocal about the whole "YES ZACH LEE IS HERE AND IS STAYING! SEE, WE EVEN HAVE HIS PICTURE NOW!" situation. I think we'll all stay nervous about it until we see him on the field either this or next season. If you're betting on the World Cup, the LSU soccer team coaches and some of the players have made their group picks. Track and Field has had a successful 2 days at the championships so far, but the toughest parts still lie ahead. And hey, how about Big Baby last night? They say Davis got rich in college, everybody knows that...

In a less serious situation, I would say "After the break, Les Miles is ON A BOAT!" but the oil in the gulf is a painful matter that hits very close to home for me. We join our Neighbors on Canal Street in their efforts to help gulf recovery. I'm not really a praying man, but lets all hope this gets under control and soon. I know people in Montegut and Cut-Off and Delcambre that all deserve a better summer than what they've been given.