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In all the insanity this week, we missed the anniversary of The Shot Hear 'Round The South.


Not much to do this weekend. Expansion seems to be in a holding pattern as the world waits for the Aggies to Declare Independence. You could watch some other teams Super Regionals all over the ESPN networks. (ATVS Official games of rooting interest: UCLA to deny CSF, TCU to deny Texas. Basically root against anything that has to do with Augie Garrido) And if you are really a glutton for punishment, soccer is on.

Been meaning to post this for weeks now, but ATVS has a Twitter account and even a facebook page from back when I was running The Geaux Show. That's us, bringing LSU news and opinion into 2007!

Remember this could be the last week before A&M is in the SEC, so start infiltrating all those aggie boards before they ban us all. Got to get the good material now.