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Link Gumbo 6/14/10

82 days. Strap in, kids, It's gonna be a helluva week.


A quick recap for those who only waste time on the internet at work: The man above has been very busy this weekend. After formerly welcoming Colorado to the PAC on Saturday, Larry Scott hopped a plane to Oklahoma, where the Okies essentially said "sure, but only if Texas does." MEANWHILE, multiple sources confirm seeing SEC Commish Mike Slive in College Station, presumably to do some fishing. On Sunday, Scott was in Texas invite the final 3, where A&M may or may not have officially uncommitted to a decision, presumably while reps from Texas and TT looked on in horror.

OU, OSU, Tex, and TT have all scheduled regents meetings (were a bunch of old men, some in garishly colored blazers, will open a public meeting, then swiftly move to a closed private room to unanimously vote on the fate of a public institution) in the early part of this week, while A&M (who is required by TX law to give a few day's notice) has not. So the earliest we will here from them as of press time is Wednesday.

So despite all the updates this weekend we are in the same place we were Friday, the ball remains in Aggie's court.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!. As if this whole thing wasn't completely insane, rumors are spreading that Fred Smith, the CEO of FedEx and Memphis superfan/booster, is willing to pay a BCS conference $10 Million dollars A YEAR if they adopt his beloved Tigers. Well we were looking for a team to be a 14th in the east...

In Baseball, It was a win for both SEC fans and the sworn enemies of Augie Garrido, as Florida and South Carolina both punched tickets to Omaha, while Texas and CS Fullerton were both eliminated. Arkansas and Alabama will be fighting it out in elimination games later today.

EDIT: Arkansas was eliminated in the wee hours this morning.

Dale Brown has put out a nice tribute to John Wooden.

At the T&F championships this weekend, both the Men's and Women's teams placed a respectable 6th, and ATVS favorite Walter Henning won the individual titles in the weight and hammer throws. This years Winner? A repeat for former LSU coach Pat Henry and Texas A&M.

This marks the end of competition for LSU this year, the next event is the soccer season opener at Texas on August 14th.

Football summer practice began last week and DandyDon reports that Jakari Gore and J. R. Ferguson are both taking summer classes instead as they still need to qualify academically.