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Link Gumbo 6/15/10

A Video featuring the LSU Football Coach, The Governor, and an evil Oil company. And this time, it's in COLOR!

So yeah, it's over. And I do mean all of it. It's looking more and more like Dan Beebe and Texas played everyone for a fiddle as the PAC is now saddled with CU and probably Utah, while the Big T12en is stuck with a headache they probably didn't want in the 1st place. 

Worst of all, the Texas Republic conference, now likely awash in Fox cash, has the easiest road of all BCS members, as the Red River Rivalry (combined with an undefeated season against competition that no longer features an on-the-rise Nebraska and a will-be-good-again-as-soon-as-they-can-afford-a-new-coach Colorado) now constitutes a play-in-game for the BCS title for the foreseeable future. Exchange your goodbyes with the Aggies (who are very pissed, as well they should be), but don't worry. We will likely see them again in the future.

And now, save for a few bits of expansion clean up, we face the barren landscape of the off season. 81 days is a very long time folks.

A shocker for those who care about such things (namely me), as just a few months after taking the job, Dr. Linda Moorhouse bolts from the Director of Bands position to take a similar role at Illinois. Never fear though, as my 1st preference for the job after Wickes retired, Roy King, will now take the role. My hopes remain the same: I never want to hear Malaguena again./endbandgeek

Quite a few of the SEC blogs contributed to this piece over on the SBNation VaTech site Gobbler Country about our thoughts on VT as an expansion candidate, but it's pretty pointless now.

Here's an excellent piece by Andrew Sharp at the SB Nation Mothership about how the NCAA really has no legs to stand on anymore. If you aren't furious/depressed already this morning, this should do the trick.

So, Kinda bummed out about how the whole expansion thing turned out? I know just what will put a spring back in your step and it's after the break. (Hint: Cheerleaders)