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Link Gumbo 6/16/10 - So Texas is worse than the BCS now, Agreed?

So close, then /faceplam (HT RCR)

Before we begin, I've noticed reading various posts and comment threads all over the Big X and SEC-centric blogs and forums, that college football fans in general (and weirdly, SEC fans from all over the conference almost unanimously) have all basically united behind the banner of "Texas is an evil, vindictive bastard and the rest of the Big X is that nice lady in bookkeeping who keeps 'running into doors' with her face." Over the course of just a few days, has Texas become "The Bad Guy" in college athletics? Let's hear your opinion in the comments and the poll below.

A little concerning news about the football team as Kleinpeter at the TimesPic reports that along with LB Kyle Prater (who we had heard was heading for Rice) RSF WR Jhyryn Taylor is also transferring. And along with Team EGO and Jakari Gore, LB Luke Muncie and the ATVS "MOST IMPORTANT SIGNEE OF THE YEAR," Punter Brad "Wing It" Wing will be sitting out practice for summer school. No doubt Wing is taking extra ESL training courses.

Way to bury the lede, Advoc. In what was ostensibly an exit interview with new Brewers signee Austin Ross, we learn that Wet Delatte is transferring to LSU-E, citing his own belief that he would remain a backup next year despite Mainieri's assurance that he would have the same fair shot to earn a starting spot as anyone else. That's the NJCAA Division II World Series Champions LSU-E Bengals (they won back on the 5th, but it's hard to check the Opelousas Daily World everyday)

It's not all roster decimation news for baseball, as Rosetta at the Advoc reports that Delgado CC's own Lucas LeBlanc is likely headed for LSU, despite his high-mid round draft by Boston.

Don't expect the remaining LSU baseball team to make a field trip to Rosenblatt for old times' sake, as the team has spread 3 sheets to the wind for D-league ball all over the country. There are a lot of interesting pairs of Tigers at different locations, like RHPs Daniel Bradshaw and Michael Reed both playing for Waynesboro Generals, while the freshman fielding duo of Mason Katz and Alex Edward are both heading to the best named minor league baseball team ever, the Danville Dans. Check the link to find out if the Tigers will be in your area this summer.

In a Yahoo study, Notre Dame has the most expensive tickets in all of D1 ball at $2,990, counting actual cost and any "required donations" (love that term). Fear not, the same piece goes on to say that someone starting from nothing would have to donate as much as 10K to get a seat in Tiger Stadium this year over the $350 "list price". And now you know why TAF needs no state funds and I have no tickets.

I do not link to the Red Cup often, but every once in a while a Rebel writes something great. Did you just spend 5 minutes shouting ESSEEECEE! at the top of your lungs? Me too.

Sadly I have no cheerleading tryout videos today, you'll just have to go back and watch yesterday's again.