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Link Gumbo 6/18/10

78 days...

Apologies in advance for the Nickelback, I swear this is the only context in which you will see them here.



Utah gets it's invite, Jerry Jones is insane, and the Big East is 8 football teams looking for a conference.

Les Miles tries to make up for HottyToddyGate with a full interview at his home. (Nice pool)

Trent Johnson returned from Africa a few days ago and shared his experience in his first Press Conference back. We also learned of some minor staff changes and that K.C. Ross-Miller isn't cleared yet (Don't Panic, he was home schooled, this is normal).

The TimesPic sat down with Bertman, Morris, and a few other Louisiana baseball luminaries to get some final thoughts on Rosenblatt's closing. Meanwhile Micah Gibbs, who is from Pflugerville (BOOM shaka laka), has been named to the 2nd team All-American and Leon Landry and Johnny Dishon have signed with the Dodgers and Brewers respectively. The Advoc's got an interview with CPM, who is planning to spend the next few weeks pulling his remaining hair out worrying about his drafted recruits. He's also got to worry about his staff as Javi Sanchez and David Grewe (along with former pitching coach Terry Rooney) are all rumored to be candidates for CPM's old job as head coach at Notre Dame.  There is also a great look back at the 2000 Championship from Bill Franques.

Hat Tip to a Dandy Don reader who pointed out that LSU has extended a scholly offer to Kyle Christy of Indiana, one of the top PK prospects of next year's class.

A Recruiting post in June!? Must be the new guy...

Have a good weekend watching CWS baseball as I prepare for my own trip to Omaha next week. Hard to pick a favorite, but I'd say the rooting interest order is 1. SEC (SEC!SEC!SEC!) 2. Bruins (they beat us) 3. TCU (they beat Augie Garrido)