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Link Gumbo 6/21/10

75 days...


Got this in the mail with my tickets. What could have been....

Now entering hour 11 of the 3rd rain delay in the SCar/OU game...

A big scare this weekend as Rueben Randle rolled his truck after he lost control on Airline Hwy. headed home to Bastrop on Friday. He was able to get out of his upside down truck and just had a few scratches.

Anyone else hearing Chris Guillot in the stands at Omaha? I'll have to investigate this next week.

Here's some words from Skip on his favorite memories in Omaha

Speaking of Attrition, Coach Chancellor lost 2 Juniors this weekend as Taylor Booze is transferring to a CC near her home in Oklahoma and Erica Williams is just leaving the team to focus on her degree. It's not a big loss in either minutes or points, and next years' squad will still have plenty of experienced JRs and SRs.

The Advocate begins it's series on this year's LA Sports Hall of Fame inductees with a wonderful piece on Ben McDonald.

Thanks to yesterday's rain, there is CWS all-day starting at 10am.

And that's about it folks. It's the summer time and everyone is either off or in summer practice. Right now no news is good news.