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Jersey numbers! Jersey numbers! Jersey numbers!

Hey everybody!  LSUsports has updated the football roster with new numbers.  I always look forward to this day!  Let's take a look, shall we?

Josh Jasper has switched from #30 to #1

Chris Davenport has moved from #50 to #91


RB Jakhari Gore- 3

RB Alfred Blue- 4

WR Jarrett Fobbs- 5

DE Ego Ferguson- 9

RB Spencer Ware- 11

CBTyrann Mathieu- 12

QB Zach Lee- 16

WR James Wright- 24

WR Tharold Simon- 26

ATH Ronnie Vinson- 28

ATH Sam Gibson- 29

S Eric Reid- 30

FB Brandon Worle- 32

P Brad Wing- 38

LB D. J. Welter- 43

DT J. C. Copeland- 44

LB Luke Muncie- 52

LB Justin Maclin- 54

OL Cameron Fordham- 55

OL Elliot Porter- 65

WR Armand Williams- 81

TE Travis Dickson- 82

TE Nic Jacobs- 84

WR Kadron Boone- 86

DE Jordan Allen- 98


My favorite is, of course, Ego Ferguson's selection of 9, which will baffle Jim Hawthorne and other announcers wondering why Jordan Jefferson is playing DE and looks so huge.

Plenty of other number-sharers here, including Alfred Blue's 4, which he'll share with Jai Eugene, Tyrann Mathieu's 12, shared with Jarrett Lee, and Spencer Ware's 11, shared with Kelvin Sheppard.  This isn't an issue, because each plays on the opposite side of the ball as the other.  Also notably, D. J. Welter shares 43 with ST ace Daniel Graff.  Though both of them are listed as defenders, I don't think this will be an issue because I think D. J. will redshirt.  Perhaps more of an issue is Jordan Allen's 98 coinciding with Dennis Johnson, a fellow defensive linemen who got a decent amount of playing time last year.  We'll see how that one works out.

I love looking at jersey numbers and pondering their meanings.  What do you think of the new numbers?