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On the Road to Omaha - Literally


EDIT: I wrote this in prep a few days ago. My Thoughts and Prayers are with the Jones family.

Time for the Ominous Site News. Things have been a little spotty 'round here this week as I've been getting some things squared away at work. I've kinda mentioned it in passing before, but I'm heading to Omaha for the final days in Rosenblatt. I'll also be enjoying a little vacation time. Aside from a Special Phantom Post later next week and maybe a few random snippets from the road (Yes, I am driving. Yes, I am insane) I wont be posting much of anything till after the 4th of July. Follow us on Twitter for some updates from the stands, Press Pass be Damned. If you're in the area, send me an e-mail and we'll meet so you can tell me just how bad I am at this in person.

But that's no reason to not come here EVERY SINGLE DAY between now and then. Poseur's got opinions, Jrlz still has basketball profiles to finish, the New Guy's got recruiting analisys, and I'm sure Billy with think of something. After our best month since I totally ran this place into the ground and turned it into "A Coonass Cesspool," I have every confidence that this site will hold together for a bit while I recharge and get ready for some football previewing.

While I'm gone, I also expect LSU to be in a New Big 8 with Georgia Tech and for Sewanee to rejoin the SEC in our stead. Try not to burn the place down while I'm out.

One thing before I go. This is gonna be the 1st time in a very long while that I attend a major sporting event without a serious rooting interest. I'm thinking about pulling for the TCU/UCLA winner (I think it'll be UCLA) but I wanna here from you gals/guys.