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2010 LSU Basketball Profiles - Andre Stringer

It's about time I do another one of these, ain't it?




Fr. 5-9, 170

Aside from Matt Derenbecker, the most exciting incoming freshman is Andre Stringer.  A 3-point king, Stringer scored 26 per game during his senior year at Forest Park high school in Jackson, earning back-to-back Mr. Basketball honors in Mississippi.  Andre Stringer is a top 100 recruit nationally, and he'd be a lot higher if he was taller.

Looking at film, Stringer is a shooter with limitless range.  The best I can compare him to is South Carolina's Devan Downey.  Downey is also 5-9, but he's a scoring machine.  Though Stringer won't be averaging 22.5 a night, 12 a night is not out of the question, and he'll probably go off for 25 every now and then.

The only concern I have is his mentality.  In high school, he was a shoot-first player, always ready to pull the trigger.  Though that kind of aggressiveness can be a good thing, and I won't deny we need shooters that aren't afraid to shoot, it doesn't make the transition from high school to college any easier.

His lack of height will hurt his defense, especially if he's trying to guard someone that's 6-4.  Stringer isn't a burner, but he is elusive, and he knows how to get open.  But LSU needs guys that can score, and Stringer provides plenty of that.

Expect Stringer to get about 20-25 minutes per night, but if he really starts lighting up the scoreboard, that won't be enough.