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Link Gumbo 6/3/10

LSU's got a YouTube account now, and they are starting to put up all of those awesome videos you see at the games. Kinda makes you want to start tailgating.

Interview with Ross about the 1st day in LA and a bit of his strategy for UCI. Capacity at Dedeaux Field? 2,500+ /tryingtoletitgo. Also, check out's official scouting report on the Eaters.

CPM was named College Baseball coach of the state. Kind of a gimme though, it's not like they were going to give it to Rick Jones. And thanks to last weekend, we're back in the polls.

Chuck da Truck signed with the Eagles yesterday.

Here's a bit more optimistic slant on Kent State from a local paper. I still say they don't win a game at this regional, but should they eliminate UCI, I swear to watch every MAC football game I run into this year. Yahoo sports also has a quick breakdown of the regional as a whole.