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Link Gumbo 6/9/10

87 days...


What could have been a day spent waiting to hear reports that Zach Lee had in fact reported to campus for class was quickly diffused by LSU PR last night, who say he's at class and football workouts today.

Between graduating seniors and the draft, there are going to be a lot of holes to fill in for baseball next season. Of course, with the strange way the MLB draft works, nobody has signed yet and some may still be with us next year. Ranaudo, Gibbs, and Landry are all likely gone, though I have a hunch we may get Ross back for another season. With the exception of Zach Lee mentioned above, it's hard to say either way about the Recruits that were drafted, but Cam Bedrosian, Delino DeShields, Jr., and Garin Cecchini are most likely gone. For a more complete list of our draftee's and some differing opinions on who's staying/going check out this piece at Saturday Night Slant. More Interviews with the team after the break.

The Track and Field National Championships begin today in Eugene, OR (I want some pictures GeauxDucks) with the #3 ranked Women's and #4 ranked Men's teams both looking to compete for another title. TV coverage will be on the CBS College Sports Network, but it wont begin until Friday. Former Tiger T&F stars also continue to light it up as Kelly Baptiste is now the new World Leader in the 100 meter dash and ATVS favorite Lolo Jones had another winning run at  the Bislett Games in Oslo, which puts her in the lead for the Diamond League title, a kind of off-Olympic year annual championship.

CTJ's mission to Africa continues, now building courts for the local youth.

Told you it would be quick, the Board of Sups has approved the new basketball pricing structure. Tradition Fund for all.

The Mayor of 13th Street has posted his eulogy to his dreams of having LSU close out Rosenblatt. It's a tough read.

In Conference Expansion Gambit News (<---because all of the good names were taken) TSK looks at the local revenue's portion of the SEC take-home pay, The Mayor responds to Poseur's insanely popular piece on why we should take A&M, and InsideTheBleachers has a fascinating look at what expansion in the SEC by way of ACC poaching would do to the TV revenues. All of this is assuming Colorado is still in the Big 12 this morning.

In blogger news, SB Nation has launched a set of Regional home pages. There are just a handful now but many more are planned down the road including SB Nation River ParishesSB Nation Florida Parishes, SB Nation DTBSB Nation Acadiana, and SB Nation Shreveport/Bossier City.

Post Draft Interviews.


Austin Ross



Leon Landry



Anthony Ranaudo



Micah Gibbs