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Where I Come From: Expectations for 2011


There is a famous Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

Well, I'm not sure which of the Chinese we ticked off, but it's pretty clear we need to start investigating a billion people who may have a grudge against LSU.  Wherever you come down on the great debate on the state of the LSU program, there's one thing we all pretty much have to agree on: it sure as hell been interesting.  So interesting, in fact, I'm naming my first ulcer "2007". 

So EA wants to know what we expect from this year's team.  Are they kidding?  Expecting anything with regards to LSU football right now is nothing short of insane.  This is a team that could put together all of the very talented pieces on the roster, reverse those close losses last season, and go off and win the national title.  This team could also continue to suffer from an anemic offense keyed by an incompetent offensive line, the defensive house of cards could collapse, and we could finish with a losing season.  Neither scenario would surprise me. 

All I can expect is more excitement, more fireworks, and more controversy.  Anyone who says they have the foggiest clue what is going to happen in this upcoming LSU season is probably lying to you.  Everything is up in the air.  Anything can happen.  In an unsettled era of LSU football, this team looks to be the most unsettled of them all. 

This season is a referendum on Miles.  Unless it's not.  This season is when LSU collapses.  Unless we go back to Atlanta.  This is the season where the talent all comes together.  Unless it's next year.  Or the year after that.  This year is the one I die of a heart attack.  Or LSU has a pedestrian year again.  I don't know.  I'm genuinely stumped.

But I'll tell you what, I can't wait to see if maybe, just maybe, we get an answer to the following questions:

Will Miles bolt for Michigan?
Is Michael Ford the real deal?
Will the offensive line finally gel?
How awesome will Russell Shepard be? 
Seriously, how good is our secondary? 
Will our defensive line have enough size?
Can Jefferson take the next step? 
Will LSU fans stop leaving before the fourth quarter?

I don't know the answers, but I can't wait to find out.