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Link Gumbo 7/13/10

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53 days...

Just when you thought you had blocked out all those horrible early 90's memories, It's time to kick it old skool.

(Highlight of this video: at the 3:50 mark, Mike Archer selling Golden Flake)

DandyDon reports that the REAL savior of the 2010 class, Punter Brad "Wing It" Wing will have to spend the fall in JuCo because some of his early Austrailian High School classes were not accepted by the NCAA. What exactly the NCAA found at fault with his crazy Outback schooling (no doubt taught by a man named Bruce) is anyone's guess. Please feel free to guess in the comments. Also, the rest of the class has been cleared, but that didn't seem as important.

TSK's first salvo on the 2010 Tigers is much like our own: Who Knows

Yahoo's Pro Football section muses on the temperature of CLM's relaxing furniture. Prognosis: Depends who you ask.

The NCAA has officially announced what the new basketball tourney will look like and it ain't pretty.

In an effort to increase page views, ESPN will be extending Gameday an hour earlier this year, with the extra hour to be on ESPNU and hosted by Erin Andrews. Also of note, Fowler and Davis, some of the few respectable people left on that network, will swap studio/play-by-play roles on Thursdays this year. I know that those of you stuck at home on Saturday's must enjoy Gameday, but as a Parade Ground resident for many years, I hate Gameday with a fierce passion. They cause nothing but trouble and steal prime parking and tailgating spots with their inflatable carnival of sponsor and radio tents. Until they wise up and move the show back to the PMAC ramp where it belongs, I will not have a good thing to say about them. You may disagree, but you would be wrong.

Meanwhile, Disaster has been averted as Ron Franklin dodges retirement and resigns for 2 more years with ESPN. There is hope for that network yet.

Pole Vaulter Katelyn Rodrigue has been awarded a postgraduate scholarship by the NCAA. Katelyn is one of six awarded in the SEC, the most for any D-1 conference (WOOOOOOO! SEC ACADEMICS!)