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Link Gumbo 7/14/10

52 days...

Unfortunately, this video does not contain a shot of CLM bowling.


Today's video comes from last thursday's "Super" Bowling with Joseph Addai and Friends. Joined with Corey Webster, Early Doucet, Tyson Jackson, Marcus Randall, Ricky Blanton, Rudy Macklin and CLM, Addai raised money for Heritage Ranch Christian Children's Home and as you saw took some of the kids to the lanes for the evening.

Also on the Charity front, Shaq will again be hosting his annual charity golf tourney on Friday, Sept. 3 at Carter Plantation near Springfield. Entry fee is $1000 for a team of four.

Speaking of Golf, the newly renovated University Club has been selected to host a round of the 2013 Men's Golf Regionals.

TSK continues it's LSU week by Introducing us to our projected starters, talking about this seasons known-knowns and known-unkowns, and using the word "Coker-ization" to talk about the Les Miles tenure.

Here are CTJ's thought's on the new 68-team format.

Trent Johnson, LSU: From my standpoint, there's three more teams that are in. Just to have the opportunity to play, that's all that matters. Whether it's 64, whether it's 68, whether it's 32 – being a part of it is special. You're going to have to beat somebody good to win, anyway.

I tend to look at it from a positive. That there's three more teams involved basically means there are three more campus environments that experience March Madness.

The annual Tiger Tour begins it's final leg in Lake Charles on Thursday. CLM and various caches and administrators will be their to talk about the upcoming season and make those TAF donations a little less painful. The remaining dates and locations are:

July 15, Lake Charles, Isle of Capri Casino
July 22, Houston, Texas, J.W. Marriott
July 25, New Orleans, New Orleans Hilton Riverside
July 29, Baton Rouge, Lod Cook Alumni Center

How's the Byrdman doing these days? Just Fine.Wave_medium

Chris Garrett's old coach at Tupelo High School calls LSU's statement that Garrett would have remained on scholarship had he returned to LSU "a lie" and that Garrett was told his scholarship was not going to be renewed. For their part, the Garrett's have remained silent since the well before the announcement.

McNesse St. has about 600 tickets left for sale at face value in the visitors nosebleeds for that Oct. 16 game. I can't imagine why...