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Link Gumbo 7/16/10

HEY! Finally some bad news for someone else. It was announced yesterday that the NCAA is conducting an investigation involving DT Marvin Austin and RB Greg Little, key players for the Tarheels this season. Due to the nature of NCAA investigations, no one is saying anything at this point, but leaks point to a Reggie Bush-like situation involving agents and rent money. Unfortunately, with the glacial pace the NCAA operates at these days, expect a ruling to be handed down on the matter sometime in 2012.

I have no idea what he could have been doing, but Jalen Courtney must have had quite a scare yesterday, CTJ says he'll be fine though. (enjoy some vacation time coach)

Let's all point and laugh as USL attempts to assemble a Top 8 Cajun Field Moments list (Because #9 and #10 would be Lafayette high school football moments, don't deny it, that place gets rockin' for Northside games)

The Advoc is running a good profile of White Castle's Ronald Martin, who hopes to impress enough at this weekend's football camp to be extended an offer.

WAFB's Erin Cofiell is reporting Ranaudo may be coming back next year. Boy, do we ever need him. Speaking of which, he's been doing excellent work in the Cape Cod League so far (nice beard) Video and more Links after the break...

Looking good Lolo!

DT Al Woods becomes the 1st draft pick signed by the Saints this season.

LSU has made a huge addition to it's online football schedule database. It's now complete all the way back to 1960, with original score sheets for all of the 60's available for viewing. It's fun to look back and note that we played Tx A&M every year from '60 to '75, all of them home games, most of them season openers, and all but 3 was a win (2 losses, one tie), even when A&M was ranked.

Those schedule pages also go about 10 years into the future with some exciting planned matchups (but who knows if they'll happen)

2012: Idaho; U Washington returns the home and home

2013-2014: Home and Home with TCU (in BR 1st)

2015-2016: Attempt Number 2 at an Arizona State Home and Home (in Tempe 1st)

2017: NC State

2018-2019: Home and Home with Oklahoma (in Norman 1st)

2020: @ NC State

Ugh, I'm not enjoying it, but LSU's budget problems remain an interesting story.