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Black Vynm- "Good Intentions"

Black Vynm "Good Intentions" Music Video (via BigFavEnt)

"Big Fav" is Marlon Favorite, former LSU Tiger, and now a journeyman NFLer currently playing for the Indianapolis Colts.

Sporting a slicker sound with cleaner content, the new-look Black Vynm is ready for a broader audience.

The video is well-produced, and Fav's new NFL paycheck is doing wonders for Vynm's sound.  I wouldn't advise Big Fav to quit his day job, but the slow-jam beat is well-put-together, and Fav's verse is better than the first guy's, although I think the last guy does the best job of all.  Fav looks great sporting dark-rimmed glasses.

One complaint- that cut scene at 2:12 is clumsily placed, and the song just drops out.  It's jarring, and the scene itself is really unnecessary.