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Link Gumbo 7/20/10

46 days...

The Hype Video War between KtownTiger and the LSU Media Dept. takes a turn for the classy.

The start times for Vandy and Moo U come out tomorrow. I have no reason to believe that both will not be in the JP HEAT DEATH time slot.

Where does LSU fit in the combined baseball-football-men's basketball rankings of teams over the the span of the BCS era? #3 behind Texas and Florida.

Eddie Kennison will sign a one day contract to retire as a Chief. His final pro stat line:  548 receptions for 8,345 yards with 42 touchdowns.

Southern Pigskin ranks the top LB's in the conference. Kelvin Sheppard is the lone Tiger on the list, but he's in the number 1 spot.

Rosetta at the Advoc was one of the first to talk with yesterday's signee Ronald Martin.

"I walked into his office, he asked me if I’d like to play here and I committed right there on the spot," Martin said. "I was pretty anxious to hear what he had to say and he didn’t disappoint me."

As for the rest of camp, Saturday Night Slant has a look at what to expect from the rest of this week's camp.

The SEC coaches poll and player lists come out today along with the beginning of SB Nation's SEC Media Days coverage. More links to come throughout the day.