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Link Gumbo 7/21/10

Great Kick Returns in LSU History

YAY! SYNERGY! For the record, I wrote the story, not the headline. Also, from now on I should only be addressed as "the mysterious PodKATT"

(Pulled from yesterday's comments due to new relevance) At LSU, we pepper spray agents on sight.

Saturday Night Slant continues their great coverage of this week's camp.

ATTENTION COMЯADES! PЯEMIEЯ CHIP DUЯHAM has been seduced by FILTHY AЯKANSAS CAPITALISIM! Free and Open "Elections" with soon be held to let the people "select" our new GLOЯIOUS KOMMANDANT! (First off, go here if you missed the best joke we had all spring and don't know what the backwards Rs are about, and secondly, this is pretty tough on Nicholls St., seeing as he just spent 5 grueling years bringing them from a 10 win team with APR problems to 27 wins and their first ever conference tournament win. Best of luck in the "private sector" Chip.)

JoJo LaFell has signed with the Carolina Panthers.

The Advoc continues it's great series of BR area prospects, this time looking at Redemptorist's RB Jeremy Hill, one of the 1st commits in the LSU 2011 class.

Football Outsiders, a VERY stat focused football site, is currently running through a list of the Top 100 College Football Teams of the Last 100 Years. Yesterday LSU's '61, '59, '58, and '03 squads showed up at #30, #28, #22, and #21 respectively, followed by much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the comments below it.

TSK gets in one more shot about the end of the Ole Miss game. Go read it and watch the final sequence again and spend the rest of the day pissed off.

Speaking of, TSK will begin it's Live Blog coverage of the Media Days Interviews either HERE or HERE. Up today is Bama, Moo U, UK, and UF beginning at Noon

Remember, Also Today: Noon, Vandy/Moo U game times, HEAT DEATH, ZOMBIE DAVE NEAL

After the break, LSU's Petroleum Lab shows how you too can stop an oil rig leak with common household items (and 3 years in their petroleum engineering program)