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Link Gumbo 7/22/10

44 days...

Excuse me while I band geek out for a bit...

So of course all anybody's talking about this morning is Joker Phillips shocking revelation tha...

*****STOP PRESS******

Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you urgent news in the world of Crawfish Technology. LSU Ag Center Scientists are currently researching the best ways of commercially growing a hybrid "Shrimp Crawfish" species found natively in small numbers in the Atchafalaya basin. These hybrid Crawfish grow later in the year than normal crawfish and would have a harvest season that reaches it's peak in early fall, just in time for tailgating. Fears of these lab grown hybrids mutating into a blood-thirsty Zombie Crawfish species are unfounded, and are solely the result of an idea I had once for an awesome movie.

Speaking of Zombies: As covered here yesterday, LSU has managed to use it's double-barreled shotgun of popularity to decapitate Dave Neal and his horde of Undead Raycom employees. Unfortunately, others were not so lucky. A moment of silence for our fallen Comrades:

Sat. Sept. 4 Miami(Ohio) at Florida ESPN 12:00 ET
Sat. Sept. 4 Louisiana-Lafayette at Georgia SEC Network 12:21 ET
Sat. Sept. 11 Georgia at South Carolina ESPN or ESPN2 12:00 ET
Sat. Sept. 11 South Florida at Florida SEC Network 12:21 ET
Sat. Sept. 18 Arkansas at Georgia ESPN or ESPN2 12:00 ET
Sat. Sept. 18 Vanderbilt at Ole Miss SEC Network 12:21 ET

Constant Vigilance my friends. As you can clearly see, with 2 early morning slots at it's disposal now, ESPN has no qualms of putting SEC v SEC games on at the crack o' noon. WAS IT WORTH IT, SLIVE!? LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME IT WAS WORTH IT!!

Dandy Don was back on the scouting trail Tuesday when he attended the ongoing summer camp at LSU. Glad to see you back, Don.

Saturday Night Slant has another good summary of the last day of camp, including news that an offer has been extended to, but not yet accepted by West Monroe ATH Paul Turner.

Doc Saturday is on an SEC kick this week, and thinks LSU is now locked into mediocrity.

As of Tuesday, the UNO Privateers and the Centenary Gents are officially on the path to D-III. I am going to miss losing to them inexplicably in baseball.

SB Nation's coverage of Agent-Hate 2010 continues live from Hoover today. Be sure to check out the excellence emitted so far HERE, HERE, and HERE.