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Link Gumbo 7/26/10

40 days left....4-0.....a month and change

Les Miles on ESPN

HUUUUGE weekend for coverage thanks to Media Days. Lets get started.

Reaction from the main room (which I can't find an online copy of anywhere, oddly) has been about what you'd expect. Some noted his predictable overselling of UNC's offense. Hayes at The Sporting News thinks the fan base is insane (no, not in that endearing way.) There are also the prerequisite "Miles uses creative grammar" bits. But I think Mr. Swindle has got it right. Like it or not this is the beginning of the Les Miles Reelection Campaign. We'll know soon enough if his actions will backup his stump speech. You can catch a full transcript at The Times-Pic. I've also included some of the alternate room interviews with the coach and players after the break.

Miles was in New Orleans last night for the final leg of the Tiger Tour and faced a crowd that seemed less than convinced.

On the matter on agents, I suggest we all take it one step at a time, lest something be discovered. No need to point and laugh at the troubles of our SEC brethren (yet.) There is less of a need to be worried, however, as Patrick Peterson confirmed that he has not left Baton Rouge at all this summer and spent his time working out at team facilities.

As noted by our readers, T-Bob is back on the team. Glad to see he wont miss any playing time, but I think we all know who's going to be doing more PT than the others once Two-a-days get started. (H/T our own Chinese Bandit)

HUGE BASEBALL NEWS: The NCAA will implement the SEC tourney's experimental pitch clock across the entire sport this upcoming season.

I leave you this morning with a quote from Media Day.

"I like my team. I like my team's attitude. I like us in every game, so I can't wait. The fall is here."


LSU's Les Miles speaks at SEC Media Days

LSU's Jordan Jefferson speaks at SEC Media Days

LSU's Patrick Peterson speaks at SEC Media Days

LSU's Kelvin Sheppard speaks at SEC Media Days