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Link Gumbo 7/8/10

It's a damn shame they had to rip off the KtownTigerV2 vid, but if I'm honest, I kinda like this one better.

Also, Someone has told PP about the new eyeblack writing rule, right?


The College Home run derby was last night and Gaudet was, well, we don't know how he did exactly because the results are being held before the tape delayed broadcast on CBS-CS on Sunday at Noon CST. Thanks to the local Omaha paper, we kind of have an idea though.

To say the college guys felt some butterflies in the first round would be an understatement. Only three of the seven hitters — Hoilman, Georgia Tech's Matt Skole and Fresno State's Jordan Ribera — recorded more than two homers before the 10-out limit.

So yeah, not the best outing for Gaudet. Some kid got beaned in the jaw though.

Speaking of Omaha and LSU, Louis Coleman got his first AAA win for the Omaha Royals in a 2-1, 10-inning victory over the Zephyrs in Metairie yesterday.

Brian Wilson of the 01-03 baseball squads is the only Tiger on this year's All Star Game roster.

Some quick summer baseball updates from the Daily Rev: Ott's ERA is 0.79 in 7 appearances, Katz was having a great summer till he ran into a wall and broke his collarbone, and surprisingly Ranaudo has yet to decide on signing with the pros. Ranaudo's summer ERA is 0 through 17 innings of work.

Recruit Cameron Bedrosian has signed with the Angles.

World's Most Eligible Bachelorette? Of course it's ATVS crush Lolo Jones.

Those of you reading the print version of The Sporting News will be please to find Patrick Peterson in this weeks issue as their top pick for the Thorpe Award (DBs)

COMPLETE SELLOUT NEWS: For those interested in NCAA 11 you should know that if you download and play all of the demo that's out now AND send a message to a friend about the game through the demo on XBL or PSN, then you get those bad Nike uniforms from last year's Arky game unlocked in the full version. In my brief play time with the demo, you can't see the details in the gloves, so there's no big advantage unless you are one of those completionists.