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Link Gumbo 8/11/10

24 days....

The first of many press conference videos from yesterday

It was a practice off day for media interviews for the coaches and some of the team. Above and below the fold are the coaches interviews and lemme tell ya, Chavis will get you pumped up for the season.

Camp Report Time: R Murphy is still fighting for a starting job and Dworaczyk was back on Sunday. JJ is working hard on making quicker reads; Kelvin Sheppard thinks the LBs are the weakness of the defense and dares anyone to try and prove it. Also, Jasper has gone back to wearing #30 (Damnit! I just got that jersey made!) and Brad "Wing It!" Wing is still fighting his way through the Thunderdome. has been posting some great Videos and Pictures from camp so far. Speaking of which, their Preseason Mag ought to be out any day now.

A few more watch lists have come out in the last few days worth note: Camp Award (Overall POY) Patrick Peterson;
Bednarik Award (Overall Defense) Patrick Peterson, Kelvin Sheppard; Biletnikoff Award (WR) Terrence Toliver

Even though we just picked up Rivers, LSU still has an eye out for FL QB Phillip Ely, who will announce his decision around 4pm today.

Speaking of recruiting, It's about time we put that fence up around the state, some varmints are getting in.

Saturday Night Slant has a good look at some of the new faces in the SEC this year.

ZACH LEE WATCH: still here, and the Dodgers have remained silent. Also of note, Ranaudo has STILL not signed with the Red Sox, but he probably will. Keep Hope Alive, People. Only 5 days till this nightmare is over.

I'm tellin' ya. LSU will be the first team to swing Marucci.

You know we are getting close because Dandy Don's got his first depth chart of the fall out. Surprised by the T. C. McCartney snub, but that's probably just me...

Keep an eye on the Gulf. Hopefully that mess is out by the weekend. More press conference videos after the break.

Les Miles Takes Questions




Gary Crowton




"The Chief" John Chavis - Opening statement includes the word onery