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Basketball News: PGs Ross-Miller ineligible, Spencer gone.

Well, there goes a lot of our depth at Point Guard.


LSU 2010 Men's Basketball Roster

As you can see on the roster, neither Bo Spencer nor K. C. Ross-Miller are on it.  Ross-Miller struggled with his eligibility all summer, despite going to a school called God's Academy.  And Spencer's ouster has been predicted for awhile, but it's hard to learn that there's no reliever come SEC play.  So that means LSU will go into the season with two true scholarship point guards on roster- freshman Andre Stringer and junior Chris Bass.

Chris Bass has proven that he isn't much more than a bench guy, so the pressure will be on the 5-9 Stringer to deliver right away.

As I mentioned in my Basketball Profile on Stringer, he was definitely a shoot-first point guard.  Stringer will have to shake those habits right away, because the Tigers will be counting on him to be the ball-handler and produce.

I was very hopeful that between Ross-Miller and Stringer, LSU would find the guy.  Now we just have to hope that Stringer can be the guy.

As for Spencer, his departure means that LSU doesn't have a single senior on roster.  Ouch.

Tough times, but we gotta keep on moving.


UPDATE: The official word from coach Johnson is out, looks like they immediately offered a spot back to Daron Populist.

Johnson: Men's Hoops 'Roster Now Complete' -